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Saving the Forests in the 19th Century

Should there be a discussion of old school energy policy – conservation – saving the forests in the 19th century and also the use of at-home means of cutting back? In the past it was considered the only feasible means of reducing a household’s energy intake.

Unfortunately, even a momentary lapse in dedication to the cause results in a reneging on the actual energy savings; what is more, in some cases a homeowner who is not entirely well versed in old school energy policy – conservation – saving the forests in the 19th century, and green living, actually may do more harm than good.

To this end, old school energy policy is no longer considered the only form of reliable conservation, and saving the forests in the 19th century is now recognized as a national problem rather than simply a neighborhood issue.

This necessitates the recognition and introduction of renewable power options, such as solar, wind, biofuel and of course also hydroelectric power. It is only when sufficient funds may be allocated to this venture, and of course 20th century forest concerns are combined with these issues, that change can have a chance of actually becoming popular enough to take a more permanent hold.

The Dangers And Damages Associated With Greenhouse Gases

Green house gases are gases which are composed of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane and other components. These gases are in the atmosphere and they both absorb and emit radiation within the thermal infrared range.

These gases trap heat within the earth’s surface. Naturally occurring gases help to heat the earth making it a habitable temperature. Unfortunately due to human kind producing unnaturally occurring green house gases in increasing amounts there is the effect of a rise in global temperature (global warming).

This rise in temperature is causing climate changes such as floods, droughts and other extreme weather conditions such as tsunamis. Other effects from these gases and the temperature increase are glacier retreat, arctic shrinkage, sea level rise and possible species extinction, such as the struggling population of the once thriving polar bear.

With ongoing studies and research being performed we are beginning to understand our mistakes that we have made in the care of our environment and our planet. With each new finding we are now under the realistic understanding we are killing our planet, the animals that live here and ourselves through our actions.

We have to make the leap into action in using our renewable resources in place of our use of fossil fuels in order to slow down the harmful effects that we have caused. Knowledge is power and putting that knowledge to practice may help to save our world for future generations. It is up to our generation here and now to put this process in motion so there will be a future for us all.

Why We Fear Global Warming

For some of us the term Global Warming has still not hit home. For those who just “don’t get it”, it sadly does matter. Our world is changing around us and not for the better. The polar ice caps which have been around since the ice age are retreating.

The arctic is shrinking as the ice melts away and falls into the rising sea. Perhaps the water is not yet at your doorstep, but it is already affecting life around us. Species which once thrived such as the polar bear are growing close to extinction.

Their home is disappearing at an alarming rate. For many of us we have always thought of the arctic as being icy and cold and polar bears being alive and well.

If we do not make changes in our lives to better our environment, the children of the future will look at the polar bear as many of us do the Dodo bird or the Tasmanian tiger, extinct and nothing more than a picture in a book.

If you are not an animal lover you are still being affected by global warming. Sea levels are rising and our future is bleak. California, Texas and Florida will no longer be up for your summer vacation retreat. These areas will be submerged in water from the melting ice caps. Our world has been through severe changes in climate before, such as the ice age.

We are now on the other end of the scale and as our planet heats up it is going to effect us all. We can admit our faults in the creation of this event and we can learn from our mistake and move toward change.

Change to improve the way we live our lives in conjunction with our planets health. This is a part of what each of us must step up and do what is right in conserving our resources and practice using renewable resources for a life and a future of hope.

The Growing Effects of Climate Change

Climate change is a long-term significant change in the expected patterns of what we consider average weather in any one specific region. This is a significant occurrence over a period of time. Climate change can be seen in abnormal variations in temperature, weather, etc. We have seen this first hand in the severity of hurricanes, tsunamis’ and earthquakes around the globe.

Our planet’s temperature is increasing and with this rise in temperature our planet is changing. The arctic is melting and species are being threatened with extinction. Scientists are predicting flooding that will submerge well-known cities across the globe.

With this knowledge it is not surprising to hear our new president speaking of furthering our efforts to make environmental change a reality. Not because it is a popular life style choice but because it is a necessity to sustain and preserve life for man and beast alike. For, it is in fact the fault of mankind that our planet and its inhabitants are suffering.

Since the rise of the industrial revolution in the 18th-19th century green house gases have risen to levels that we now see the effects of. It is disgusting to think that we are killing the place we call home with aerosols, pollutants, and man made chemicals and such.

We have to make a change in the way we heat and light our homes. We have to find clean fuel sources for our transportation. We have to reuse, reduce and recycle all the time and not just when we are feeling guilty about not doing it. The future of this beautiful planet is in our hands.