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Why Nuclear Energy Options Are So Unattractive

In the 1980s, renewable energy were hailed as the clean energy source of tomorrow. This was called into question almost as soon as it was asserted, and as a result, nuclear energy options were taken off the table in a large number of communities. Residents cite a fear of radiation as one of the main reasons why they do not want to have this kind of technology sitting in their neighborhoods or close by.

In the wake of the Chernobyl accident, the fear of nuclear meltdowns and release of toxic substances into the air also caused a lot of hesitancy in the minds of consumers. Proponents of nuclear energy options assert that the mass casualties projected in the case of a catastrophe pale when compared to the quantified casualties caused by the various ailments brought on by fossil fuel pollution and everyday health hazards, but residents of targeted communities see this as the kind of Mephistophelean bargain they are just not ready to engage in.

Truth be told, there are good reasons to give renewable energy options a second look. Advances in processing, safety, and regulation have made this a cleaner energy option. What is more, because of the enhanced accountability to residents, more oversight would govern the building and operation of reactors. On the downside, if a disaster were to occur, the dire projections of detractors would still be true. This alone has residents upset when even just the possibility of having a reactor in their vicinity is mentioned.