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Tidal And Wave Power – The Forgotten Energy Source

There is so much talk about solar energy and even wind energy, it is surprising the idea of tidal and wave power is going by the wayside. Granted, tidal and wave power is not of major interest to those communities which are located on islands.

But, for coastal residents, this could be a prime source of alternative energy. Nevertheless, with the focus being primarily on solar energy, the other kinds of energy generation appear to have been forgotten.

Perhaps it is the fact the federal government is currently looking for the kind of energy generation which will benefit the country as whole, as opposed to the kind of energy creating technology which only benefits small segments of the population. Nevertheless, this step does in many ways discount the contributions tidal and wave power would make, if given half a chance.

Of course, considering it would take significant fiscal infusions to set up a workable plan of energy harnessing, generation and distribution, it makes fiscally a lot of sense to focus on the program which benefits the most number of people.

On the flipside, it is this very need which might just open up the door to private enterprise. If allowed to explore the viability of tidal and wave power as opposed to solar energy, a new industry could take control of a potentially small portion of the overall energy market.

This step would necessitate a company willing to take a huge fiscal risk, able to follow through with technology and innovation, and then possess the right business model to make tidal and wave power and affordable energy product for the consumer.

Can Ocean Currents Really Power The World?

Renewable power debates often include the discussion of ocean currents and tidal power. Tidal power is very similar to solar and wind power, in that it utilizes nature in a way that’s not damaging to its source (in this case the ocean).

It is often hailed as a possible new form of electricity. However, there are still a few problems scientists are working out regarding the use of ocean currents for tidal power.

The main concern regarding the use of ocean currents for tidal power is the possible damage not done by using the powerful source of the ocean itself. Instead, the concern comes with the harnessing of the power.

To harness the power, there would be a need for turbines located in the ocean. These large machines would present a real risk to marine life or possibly swimmers. Environmentalists are not excited about the thought of putting dangerous machinery into the ocean.

The coverage by animal rights groups of the possibilities of danger associated with tidal power is making quite an impact. While ocean current power was once hailed as a positive possibility, these groups are clear to state the dangers involved with turbine machinery are far worse than first expected.

Still not giving up on tidal power, scientists are further studying ocean currents and are trying to create a safer way to harness tidal power for years to come. If they are successful, it could be possible to say ocean currents could indeed power the world.