Sustainable Agriculture is America’s Latest Growing Movement

Farmers are at the forefront of demanding more federal assistance for the practice of sustainable agriculture. In the past they were relatively alone in their cause, but lately more and more agriculturally minded go-green environmentalists are joining their cause. Switching over to sustainable agriculture is no longer a cause reserved for a niche, but instead now also includes a number of chefs, economists and agriculturists with a vested interest in seeing sustainable agriculture become a reality sooner rather than later.

The driving force behind the sustainable agriculture movement is the need for a boost in the economic well being of rural economies, while at the same time acknowledging natural resources are not endless. This calls for a different treatment of animals, cultivation of the soil so as to preserve it and the natural infusion of biological agents which will nourish and enrich the earth. In a very real way, this already includes a lot of the suggestions environmentally conscious individuals have made for years.

Although there are some in rural communities who are eyeing the clamor for sustainable agriculture with a bit of suspicion (after all, it does require a change in the way business is being done) those who are on the forefront of the movement say it is time to get away from the status quo. Organic food production, healthier means of farming, the use of sustainable energy, conservation of water and a more natural means of storing the goods all go into the sustainable agriculture movement.