The Top 5 Renewable Energy companies in the US

Renewable energy has become a source of concern for many people throughout the world. They are becoming concerned not only about the damage fossil fuels do to our environment but also the depletion of those non-renewable energy sources. As a result more companies are choosing to do their part in creating a safer environment and assuring we have enough energy to maintain the future of the world.

It’s important for companies to do their part because of several reasons. First, the industrial sector is one which is often most guilty of pollution and energy consumption. Thus, when they do what they can to change their ways it can make a huge impact on the environment. Some companies are very vocal with their environmentally friendly practices others do their part in a very quiet way. It’s important for consumers to be aware of the companies who are interested in helping the environment, however.

While there are many more “Green Power Partners” as defined by the EPA, the top five companies are as follows:

1. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ-INTC) A total of 51% (1.4 billion KWh) comes from clean energy sources.

2. Kohl’s Department Stores (NYSE-KSS) All of its electricity (1.3 billion KWh) are derived from clean energy.

3. Pepsi Co (NYSE-PEP) All electricity (1.2 billion KWh) is derived from clean energy sources.

4. Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ-WFM) 105% (790 million KWh) of the electricity it uses come from sources of green power.

5. City of Houston, Texas 34% (438 million KWh) of its electricity is derived from clean energy and green power.